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Welcome to University of Warwick Statistics Society!


 About Us

The Warwick Statistics Society is a student-run organisation which aims to support students who are studying highly quantitative degrees. The Warwick Statistics Society currently has over 270 members, as well as over 1500 followers on Facebook and this year we are aiming for more! 


Our Society Aims

1.Enhancing academic performance
2.Improving employability
3.Building a community for Statistics students and others interested in Statistics
4.Making the university experience as enjoyable as possible

Why Join? 

  1. It's free!

  2. A fun, welcoming community with events that cater to everyone

  3. A variety of academic support, including revision lectures & guides, courses and research lectures 

  4. Both academic and sport competitions 

Meet the 23/24 Exec


President & Vice President 

Neel Shah and Miacarla Chapman

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